fab finds

chicken & waffles.

since I have been on a little chicken and waffles kick. wanted to share two of my favorite spots where i love to go and ¬†get a lil fried goodness. if you live in LA you will more than likely me catch me at either of these places on the regular…

sooo…where does one go who lovessss fried chicken…

1. Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles (obvious answer but why mess with a classic go to spot)

this place is no joke. never disappointing and so damn good. if you want to just have chicken and waffles order the #13. plain and simple. if you are wanting to try some of their other stuff..def try the chicken chili cheese fries, or the biscuits and gravy..to die for. nom nom


2. Brick+Mortar

my second favorite spot for chicken and waffles is this little gem of a place in Santa Monica. a little forewarning it is not your typical chicken and waffles. these bad boys are a little more fancy shmancy ..done up with some orange infused butter on the side, some micro greens on top. Nonetheless, they DO NOT disappoint.. perfect combo of sweet, spicy, melt in your mouth goodness. yeah they are that good!!!