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em. is a reflection of me.

After much anticipation I received my “em” by Michelle Phan makeup in the mail!! I have to say I got “The Life Palette” and am loving the awesome array of colors…from brighter bolds to neutrals you can glam it up or keep it natural and classy. I can get so many different looks and styles with these colors. And if you don’t want to think about any of that, she has it broken up and labeled which colors for the lips, eyes, and cheeks go together. The whole concept behind Michelle’s makeup line is enough to make me want to purchase the whole line. With so much thought and meaning behind the name, palettes, colors etc. its no wonder why she has been dominating the youtube, and social media beauty world. If you haven’t checked it out yet GO DO IT! You won’t be disappointed! I included a few personal photos of me playing around with the palette creating a smoky eye.
Image 2
used em colors to achieve this look.

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Best of the BEST Hiking Trails in LA

After having written that last post about juice places I figured I’d follow it up with something fitness-yyy and health related. SInce my college days at UCLA, I have been hiking different trails in the area …but find that I get bored way tooooo fast doing the same trails and hikes over and over. I mean Runyon is amazing and all, but its def a social scene filled w/ LA locals, the occasional celebrity and tons of dogs.. as far as the “scenic view” goes other than the hollywood sign you ain’t going to see much besides that or smog lol. So after a little research with friends, family, and other people I came up with the most awesome trails for ya’ll to try. I have done several of these, some of which are harder than others but nonetheless all SUPER gorgeous, amazing and totally worth it. Perfect for LA locals, hiking and health/outdoor enthusiasts or just to take your friend who is visiting from out of town. So here’s another quick list. Happy Hiking! XO

  • Point Dume- 1.3 miles
  • Solstice Canyon- 2.9 miles 
  • Escondido Falls-4 miles 
  • Malibu Creek State Park- 3.6 miles 
  • Getty View Trail-2.2 miles

And for the staples be sure to check out Temescal and Runyon Canyon if you haven’t already! 


Heres a pic right before I started one of my hikes… pretty cool view! ūüôā 


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Fresh Pressed Juice. Smoothies & More

For the past couples months everyone in LA seems to be on an obsessive kick with juicing and smoothies. And by everyone I’m including myself in that. So if you aren’t living in the Los Angeles area and are just visiting and craving a great juice or smoothie be sure to check out this list. If you are a local like me you know that right now you can’t go to Runyon or do the Santa Monica Stairs or leave a workout and not see someone with a fresh pressed juice or smoothie. So, after going on this mini smoothie/juice tour around LA I figured I’d share the wealth. I narrowed my list down to a few special gems where you are sure to get a great juice or smoothie with thee freshest ingredients, good service and lots of love..

1. Pressed Juicery
2. Juice Crafters* (my neighborhood go to spot)
3. Earth Bar
4. ReJuice
5. Beverly Hills Juice
6. Co-Op
7. Moon Juice

fab finds

chicken & waffles.

since I have been on a little chicken and waffles kick. wanted to share two of my favorite spots where i love to go and ¬†get a lil fried goodness. if you live in LA you will more than likely me catch me at either of these places on the regular…

sooo…where does one go who lovessss fried chicken…

1. Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles (obvious answer but why mess with a classic go to spot)

this place is no joke. never disappointing and so damn good. if you want to just have chicken and waffles order the #13. plain and simple. if you are wanting to try some of their other stuff..def try the chicken chili cheese fries, or the biscuits and gravy..to die for. nom nom


2. Brick+Mortar

my second favorite spot for chicken and waffles is this little gem of a place in Santa Monica. a little forewarning it is not your typical chicken and waffles. these bad boys are a little more fancy shmancy ..done up with some orange infused butter on the side, some micro greens on top. Nonetheless, they DO NOT disappoint.. perfect combo of sweet, spicy, melt in your mouth goodness. yeah they are that good!!!



fab finds

check.it.out. BESTIA


means “beast” in¬†Spanish¬†but take the I and the A away and you have “best” which is what I think of when I eat at Bestia. THEE BEST ITALIAN¬†RESTAURANT!!!

In case you missed the memo, the hottest Italian place to eat right now is Bestia. Located in the Arts District area of Downtown Los Angeles— Bestia can be found tucked among the likes of other¬†commercial¬†and industrial style buildings off of E 7th Pl. ¬†Now, I know you’re prob thinking, that is such an odd location! but don’t let its location or outer appearance fool you, once you walk inside you’ll understand what I am talking about. . . from the exposed brick to the soft lighting to the welcoming and helpful wait staff you immediately feel at ease and ready to sit and eat, even with the butcher style ¬†meat hooks hanging above you, NOW that says a lot. Bestia def exudes a sense of strong yet relaxed class, warmth, and elegance which is the exact opposite of what you would expect given the name and location.



Ok…..moving on now on to the best part…the FOOD. I have to admit that I do love me some red meat so I was really excited to eat here. But, even if you don’t there are a ton of options.¬†If you are a total foodie or just feeling¬†adventurous¬†you must order Midollo al Forno a Legna ¬†aka the Bone Marrow (I¬†would’ve¬†ordered two but I needed room for dessert and I didn’t want to be greedy ha) oh and ask the waiter/waitress for help with pairing wine if you drink (makes it taste that much better). But it is by far one of the best things on the menu. Now, if you are in the mood for pasta I would recommend the Fusilli Lunghi al Sugo di Capra¬†which is the hand-rolled¬†fusilli, with braised goat, housemade¬†ricotta salata and pistachio oil¬†(this was my personal favorite). Not diggin the meat– (vegetarians) fear not they have delicious options for you like the¬†house Margherita Pizza (oven fresh with perfect crust to sauce to topping ratio-nom nom!!). ¬†While I was eating, I got lucky enough to have caught one of the Chef’s in the kitchen–Chef Erik Sun (follow him on Twitter @Pursuitoffood *side note* he hunts and fishes for all his own food-how awesome is that??!!!) Chef Erik surprised us with FRESH LOBSTER SASHIMI AND ROCK SCALLOPS both of which he had caught earlier in the morning. After that I was in complete foooood heaven. ¬†But it didn’t end there…to¬†end the meal we ordered coffee (amazing and woke us right back up!) fresh ice cream and the donuts–all of which did NOT disappoint! Overall, I got to taste the most amazing food and try new things, got to hang out at a hip cool place, meet some new people, so there is no question that I will definitely be back going back there! My only suggestion for you!…make reservations and GO WITH A GROUP OF FRIENDS! That way you can all share and order tons of different stuff, because there are so many yummy things on that menu!



2121 E 7th Pl

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Telephone:(213) 514-5724


Tue-Thu, Sun 6 pm – 11 pm

Fri-Sat 6 pm – 12 am



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The Harlot Salon

After eating lunch at Gjelina (which BTW is amazing) I stumbled upon thee most charming salon… The Harlot, which is located off Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA. This salon’s location is a little tricky! So listen up, if you drive or walk too fast you might just blink and miss the awesome little ally sign and red Edison style lights that make this salon feel like you just walked into a French cottage dusted with a flirty rock edge and sophisticated sex appeal .. and you definitely DON’T want to do that! Making your way into the salon will make you want to instantly pamper yourself or at the very least play with the pink furry cuffs, or purchase one of the many novelties they sell. Upon meeting¬† The Harlot’s owner Marylle Koken and her rad team of stylists you can instantly tell they have the skills to hook you up with any style, cut or color you want. And a little word of advice*…if you’re around on Sundays they do $35.00 blow dry’s from 11-4pm annnnnd they even offer wine, champagne, cappuccinos, gourmet coffee and sweets..so why not spend a lazy Sunday at The Harlot…¬† ūüôā I know I will def be there!

The Harlot Salon

1641 Abbot Kinney

Venice, CA 90291

(310) 399-6525